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22 years ago, George Weah became the first African winner of the Ballon d’Or



On December 25, 1995, when the world’s best football was waiting for the annual nomination of the Ballon d’Or, very few fans of the balloon expected to live a historic moment for the ‘Continent-Mother’. While George Weah shone a thousand lights that year under the colors of « Grand AC Milan », but to become the first African to adorn itself with gold, few would have dared to dream. And yet, the name of the ancient idol of San Siro and the ‘Lone Stars’ of Liberia is inscribed in indelible letters in the great book of the Ballon d’Or.

True phenomenon of world football in the 90s, the child of Monrovia has undeniably marked a generation in Africa and around the world. His sense of purpose, technique and extraordinary feats have made ‘Mister George’ a legend.

In the history of African football, few players can boast of having become, in their lifetime, world-renowned legends and Weah would not be one of the greatest, but perhaps the greatest of all!

Hope to see another player from the African continent join him on his pedestal.

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