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6 Footballers that have stolen other players’ girlfriend/wife



In a football team, team chemistry and team bonding go a long way in helping the team play well on the field of play, a football team will never thrive if there is no team chemistry regardless of the amount of talents in that team.

There is a long list of very gifted footballers who have let their ego and ruin the chemistry, these famous footballers have stolen other players’ girls.

1. Jordan Ayew and Afriyie Acquah

Swansea striker Jordan Ayew miraculously got away with sleeping with the wife of one of his Blackstars of Ghana teammate for four years.

5 Footballers that have stolen other players' girlfriend/wife

Jordan Ayew was caught messing around with his team mate’s wife. Source:

The story was leaked on YouTube, Ayew was sleeping with Amanda Acquah, wife of Torino midfielder Afriyie.

Afriyie and Amanda eventually broke up and went their separate ways, no thanks to Jordan Ayew.

2. Mauro Icardi and Maxi Lopez

Mauro Icardi was a very close friend and teammate of Maxi Lopez who was married to Wanda Nara.

Wanda and Maxi’s marriage was not not going on smoothly, but that was not enough reason for Icardi to make a move while the married couple was on the outs

5 Footballers that have stolen other players' girlfriend/wife

Icardi stole team mate Maxi Lopez’s wife. Source: Mirror

. To top it off, Mauro quickly married Wanda and is constantly touting his love and admiration for his new wife on social media.

3. Mesut Ozil and Christian Lell

Mesut Ozil and Christian Lell aren’t club level teammates, but they have both played for the German U21 national team.

5 Footballers that have stolen other players' girlfriend/wife

Ozil was caught having affairs with his former team mate’s wife. Source: SUN

In 2014, Christian Lell, who was playing for Levante at the time, accused German national team and Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil of « muscling in » on his woman.

Lell apparently accessed his girlfriend’s cell phone and discovered the infidelity despite her attempts to erase the evidence.

4. Wilfried Zaha and Kortney Hause

Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha was once thought to have slept with former manager David Moye’s daughter when he was at Manchester United.

The next scandal emerged last summer when he was alleged to have affairs with the girlfriend of the Wolves’ defender Kourtney Hause.

5 Footballers that have stolen other players' girlfriend/wife

Former Manchester United winger was alleged to have been seeing a team mate’s girlfriend. Source: SUN

The former England Under 21 winger, who had his own girlfriend at the time, was reported to have visited Paige Bannister, Kourtney Hause’s 20 year old girlfriend, in her student accommodation.

5. Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne

Thibaut Courtois somehow got away with flirting with his Belgium international teammate, Kevin De Bruyne’s girlfriend.

5 Footballers that have stolen other players' girlfriend/wife

Courtois slept with De Bruyne’s girlfriend. Source: Metro

Caroline Lijnen said that she met the giant goalkeeper during a visit to Madrid, He was playing for Atletico Madrid on loan from Chelsea.

Lijnen confessed she planned the affair after the former Wolfsburg midfielder strayed with her former best friend. Thibaut Courtois and De Bruyne have since reconciled.

6. John Terry and Wayne Bridge

Former Chelsea team captain John Terry is no stranger to controversy. His history of scandal is well documented.

5 Footballers that have stolen other players' girlfriend/wife

John Terry had an affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex. Source: SUN

Wayne Bridge, Terry’s friend and teammate, had ended his relationship with his wife Vanessa Perroncel when John Terry weaselled his way in. When the affair became public, a media circus ensued.

Bridge was furious and refused to shake Terry’s had in the pre-game line the next time they faced. He also refused to play for England in 2010 due to the affair.

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