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Adebayor drops a secret on Mourinho!



Emmanuel Adebayor returned once again to Real Madrid in 2011. The Togolese international said in an interview with So Foot that the Real Madrid technician of the time, José Mourinho, wanted him to stay term of his loan.

During the winter transfer window of 2011, Emmanuel Adebayor landed at Real Madrid from Manchester City in loan form. In half a season, the former Monaco striker scored 8 goals in 22 appearances among the Madrilenians. Remarkable statistics that pleased his coach José Mourinho who wanted to keep him at the end of his loan but finally Adebayor took the direction of Tottenham. In the columns of So Foot, the native of Lomé explained his summer 2011.

« Mourinho wanted to keep me at all costs, but it did not happen. « I can even show you all the messages, » he told me. On the other side, I had Harry Redknapp who wanted me in Tottenham. He had already polled me in a C1 match against Real. José advised me to go there. It went really well for two seasons. Redknapp, he is special, different. He came to see you and said, « How are you? I feel tired, take two days off. Go to Paris and see you on Wednesday. Behind, he asked a secretary to take me a ticket. I came back on Wednesday: « How are you? Do you want to train? Go get a massage and do twenty minutes of cycling. I usually train on Thursdays, and on Fridays, he says, « I really need you tomorrow. You’re going to eat the defenders, you’re stronger than everyone else, the best striker in this championship, better than Rooney. At first you know he’s playing, but he manages to get into your head. On Saturday, I put two goals and it makes me: « Good, Manu, we see you Thursday! Redknapp works the old fashioned way. It’s give-and-take. Players need these days off to disconnect. So you give yourself 200% to get them. And then this team of Spurs: Basel, Modric, Van der Vaart, Lennon … It was going to ten thousand per hour. When Redknapp was fired, it was more complicated, « says the Togolese.

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