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Barça: Hard blow for Ousmane Dembélé!



If Barça triumphed on Thursday night against Celta Vigo (5-0) in the King’s Cup, the Catalan club could know very bad news. Returning to the 59th minute in the place of Lionel Messi, Ousmane Dembélé was very enterprising before experiencing a very clear slack around the last quarter of an hour.

The French international has been seen several times in the field doing stretches. Decisive player on the goal of Rakitic, the former Rennes grimaced at the end of the match continuing his stretching. According to Marca, Dembélé would complain of the hamstrings of the left thigh, the same who underwent surgery last September. The concern seemed to be for the French right winger, a relapse would not be excluded …

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