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Discover the sad confidences of the wife of the footballer Yaya Touré.



Very discreet, silent, often neglected by their husbands always between two planes for training sessions, the life of women football stars is not always easy.

Of course they are surrounded by luxury, but they must also deal with infidelity, stress, scandals and loneliness. Djenny Toure, the wife of Yaya Toure, the ex-captain of the Elephants yet very discreet and far from the media came out of his silence.

In a statement, she counseled her peers in these terms: « Being a gambler’s wife is not easy. Because you support a lot of things.

A married woman must be able to keep her cool in any situation. I love my husband and I want the best for my children, « an exhortation to all these women.

In any case, our beautiful and delightful Djenny Toure is part of this lot of very courageous women who support in their homes.

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