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Here is the evolution of Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary from Sporting to Real Madrid!



Time passes for him, even after 30 years, Cristiano Ronaldo improves with the age that is worth it to be always more expensive and to claim, since November 2016 that he signed it, to the highest contract of her career. At 25 million euros net per year paid by Real Madrid, the Portuguese striker is the fifth highest paid player on the planet. To see what others are gaining in China, he could claim much more, but surely he would also lose, especially in image contracts (juicy about him), because of less media exposure.

In Lisbon already, Cristiano Ronaldo had a star status in the making
Still, it happened time, and that water has flowed under the bridge, before CR7 won the football planet. Initially, at Sporting Portugal, however, he had a place already of choice, considered a hope to hatch, the club of Lisbon paid him in the pros, a salary of around one million euros the season. He was only 17 years old. At 18, he plays for Manchester United and nearly 2.9 million euros the season. It will not go to the end of its contract that will extend, for the first time in 2005, to nearly 4.5 million euros the year, then again, in April 2007, for a salary of around 7 million year without the additional premiums.

From Manchester United to Real Madrid, a salary that explodes
After which opens the era of Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo joined the merengue club at the beginning of summer 2009, for a transfer to 94 million euros, at the record time. His first contract, the Portuguese signed it for six years and 12 million euros the season. Two years before its term, it extended it in September 2013, for 17 million euros. With Lionel Messi at 15 million euros in the season, but after Samuel Eto’o at 20 million euros a year, Anji Makhachkala, he is the second highest paid footballer in the world. The first, if we consider the addition of bonuses and receipts of sponsorship. His image brings him nearly 40 million euros gross, the season, constantly increasing.

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