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Michael Essien: « Chelsea must extend Eden Hazard »



Michael Essien spoke with us about Chelsea news and urged the Blues to extend Eden Hazard.

Eden Hazard is in a sparkling form right now. The Belgian international carries Chelsea with goals and assists. According to the English press, the former Lille would hesitate to extend the Blues, while the rumor sending him to Real Madrid next summer continues to swell …
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Michael Essien, former Chelsea player who continues to follow the news of the club London, hopes that the latter will have the lucidity to extend the one that « he considers his best player: » Eden Hazard could go to Real Madrid and win the Ball of Gold easily (laughs). He is so good. Whether with the ball, with its acceleration and power. He looks freaky, but it’s hard to take the ball. He has the magic that makes him always create something. He can create for others at any time. I think Chelsea has to extend it. You never want to see your best players leave and we need him at the club, « said Essien.

A former Real Madrid player himself, Essien has known some great players, but still has some regrets: « I would have liked to see Kanté, he’s huge and I’m happy to see him in Chelsea. » Our duel would have been a big one He runs a lot, but always does it with one goal in mind, he’s a great player and what he does on the field is unique, I met him and he’s a very quiet guy.  »

If Kanté puts everyone in agreement with Chelsea, Bakayoko, who has been much criticized lately, is not the same: « This is his first season, he is very young and has not finished learning. must not put pressure on us and we must not put him in. He has to adapt, Chelsea is a great club to play, but the Premier League is a difficult league, although for me the adaptation was But I was a little older when I arrived and at the time, the championship was more physical and then I came prepared.
The mercato rumors are not just about Eden Hazard. David Luiz is also announced on the start this winter. Essien does not want to see him leave: « He is one of the current leaders and when you want to achieve something, you call on the leaders and their experience, so I hope he will stay a very long time. a little crazy, but in a good way He’s joking in the locker room, but he’s serious when it’s needed It’s sad to see how people have already forgotten last season, but football is like that David is hurt currently, but I’m sure he will come back even stronger and replay for Chelsea. « 

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