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Real Madrid: the terrible ordeal of Gareth Bale



Still injured, the Welsh international no longer sees the light at the end of the tunnel. And that inevitably speaks in Madrid.

24. No, this is not the number of titles won by Gareth Bale since his arrival at Real Madrid, nor his number of goals last season, for example. It’s simply his total injuries since his arrival in the summer of 2013. 24 wounds in just over 4 seasons so; last yesterday afternoon. Real Madrid announced that the Welsh is affected adductor, and the press already speaks of more than a month of absence!
Injurious repeated injuries that partly explain why the former Tottenham lack regularity and still does not unanimity in the supporters of Merengue. The daily Marca today draws a complete medical assessment of the number 11 Madrid since his arrival, and it’s cold in the back. Among his most memorable injuries was his last year’s ankle injury, which left him on the grid for 17 games, or his repeated muscle pains in 2015/2016.

Bale and injury is worse and worse!

It must be said that the more we advance in time, and more Gareth Bale seems fragile. This season, he has already missed 9 games, and is not ready to retrain the crampons with his new injury … It is even possible that he does not play until 2018. To get an idea of ​​the problem, this statistic illustrates the problem Bale: Welsh missed 40 of the last 60 matches of his team! In total, the Welsh has already missed 79 official matches with the club of the Spanish capital
At the same time, the Madrid media explains that the player is at the bottom of the hole, devastated by this new injury. Completely recovered from his previous worries, he had a little more than a week to recover fully physically before the great Madrid derby next weekend, which he will miss. He was finally hoping to put his physical worries behind him, and this news had the effect of a bucket of cold water on his head. The Madrilenian medical staff has work …

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