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Ronaldinho’s crazy gesture towards Cristiano Ronaldo



Praise towards Cristiano Ronaldo, yes he was. And when they are compliments that come from a former teammate club Lionel Messi, this can only flatter the ego of Portuguese who is very sensitive to these kinds of affection. This is of course Ronaldinho, former player of the PSG and especially the Football Club of Barcelona who took advantage of his passage in Greece to talk about Portuguese football in an interview with him granted. He was there as part of an advertising campaign.

In an exclusive interview for the newspaper Record, the 2002 world champion and 2005 Golden Ball spoke on several topics around Portuguese football. In his remarks, the former number 10 of FC Barcelona spoke about the possibility of playing in Portugal, his friendship with several players in this championship, and his affection for the Portuguese. Who talks about Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo inevitably talks about football.

Roni, did not go out of his way to cover the captain of the Portuguese selection of praise. « He has won almost everything. It is rare in a player’s career to have the opportunity to win everything. He deserves all the rewards, all the joy … It’s been a perfect year for him. Then he continues. « Thanks to Ronaldo, the Portuguese selection is treated more seriously. He, as emblem of Portugal, makes sure that everyone observes this selection for good. Now everyone is expecting something from this selection because they have a very good team, « he added to close the interview.

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