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The 5 African stars ruined after their career!



Footballers are rich, you can also add that they are very rich and yes! everyone will agree with you. Especially footballers who have already worked in the best European leagues because they are paid in thousands of foreign currencies.

Unfortunately, all these footballers do not have a happy ending after their football career and some of them are completely broke in abject poverty.

Today, let’s take a look at 5 African stars (in no particular order) who have completely broken after their illustrious football career.

1. Emmanuel Eboue

Football fans were completely sorry for former Arsenal back Emmanuel Eboué when the British media published news of his escape. Nobody wanted to believe the sad story until Eboue himself gave an interview to The Mirror explaining in person how his divorce from his Belgian wife Aurélie and also some bad commercial investments led him to be broke.

2. Wilson Oruma

The former Super Eagles midfielder Wilson Oruma would now be in a state of mental disorder six years after being defrauded by a clergyman. Oruma was one of the stars of Nigerian football who made millions in the round leather game, but he would have been fooled by a crook and fake oil businessmen.

3. Eric Djemba Djemba

The Cameroonian who played for Manchester United had problems with the way he managed the money, and for that reason he had many debts to the extent that his entire monthly pay of £ 75,000 was used to repay his debt by his agent. just bonuses and additional allowances.

4. Ifeanyi Udeze

Udeze, who competed at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Nigeria and also played for top European teams, including Zenith, was also broken with his owner who had lost patience with him.

5. Mohammed Yusuf

The Super Eagles defender was still in the starting lineup of Nigeria when the late Stephen Keshi was the coach. His last known club is Al Hilal of Sudan and it was since 2010, however the defender suffered a serious injury at the 2010 African Nations Cup. Currently based in Kano and he is very broke because he was abandoned by the authorities.

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