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Verstappen’s ‘unable to resist the dark side’ – F1 reacts to Mad Max



Belgium – The Formula 1 paddock is split over Max Verstappen’s aggression during the 2016 Belgian GP.

Some are hailing his battles with the furious Kimi Raikkonen, insisting it is good for the sport.

Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger told Auto Bild: « Everything is good for Max, because the reactions he is getting remind me very strongly of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher at the start of their careers.

« All of them had to deal with early criticism from the established drivers. ».

Playing with the dark side

Others, however, think 18-year-old Verstappen definitely went too far at Spa.

Mark Webber told Auto Motor und Sport: « Max is in the mirrors the whole time, waiting for Kimi to make a move and then pulled over. It’s dangerous and reminds me of what Michael Schumacher did to Mika Hakkinen at Spa in 2000. »

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And Ferrari insider Leo Turrini wrote: « He has the gift of the racing gods, but looks a bit like Anakin Skywalker – the chosen one who is unable to resist the dark side of the Force. »

Some of the post-Spa controversy has been triggered by Verstappen’s reaction, as he told the Dutch media that he was the « victim » of the first corner clash and that Ferrari’s Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel should be « ashamed ».

He has even hinted that he blocked Raikkonen out of revenge for the first corner clash.

« Without what happened in the first corner, I would not have been so aggressive, » said Max.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner joked that Verstappen should keep the name of his local accommodation quiet this weekend as Ferrari’s fans react.

The stewards did not investigate any of Verstappen’s driving, with an unnamed source explaining that all he did was change his line once and then return to the racing line, as per the rules.

Talks with Verstappen Snr.

But F1 legend Niki Lauda said he would be seeking out Max’s father Jos over the matter, while Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen also indicated some talks are on the cards.

Vermeulen told Bild: « He was certainly not to blame for the start crash. All the other actions by Max were tough but fair.

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« I’ll discuss with him the situation with Kimi on the Kemmel straight, but he is young and will definitely learn from this situation. »

But at the end of the day, Horner said the saga is good for F1, particularly with over 80 000 people cramming into Spa last weekend (August 26-28).

Horner insisted: « It shows that it is the drivers who are the heroes in this sport. »


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Lewis Hamilton sets new Formula 1 record



The Mercedes driver has now more front row places than any other driver in Formula 1 history.

He eased to pole for Mercedes in Saturday’s qualifying for the 2017 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

He was followed closely in second by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and his Mercedes team mate Valteri Bottas in third.

Lewis Hamilton as a result of this victory has overtaken the record set by Michael Schumacher as the all-time front row places in formula 1 history. He now has 117 poles in the competition’s proud history.
He also holds the record for most pole positions (72).

Hamilton can wrap up the title on Sunday, he needs to win in Austin and closest rival Vettel finish sixth or lower.

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Mercedes: ‘Geen spanningen tussen Bottas en Hamilton’



Het team van Mercedes benadrukt dat er geen spanningen zijn tussen teamgenoten Valtteri Bottas en Lewis Hamilton. Beide coureurs zijn in gevecht met elkaar en Sebastian Vettel van Ferrari om het wereldkampioenschap. 

Van de felle rivaliteit van de laatste jaren tussen Lewis Hamilton en Nico Rosberg is dit seizoen (voorlopig) nog weinig van te merken. En zo blijft het ook, als het aan het team van Mercedes ligt. Adviseur Niki Lauda meent dat de onderlinge concurrentie niet tot het kookpunt komt.

“Ze zijn aardig tegen elkaar, want Bottas praat niet zo veel”, meent Lauda. “De situatie is niet zo ernstig als vorig jaar. Lewis is een professional en Bottas ook, ik voorzie geen problemen. Ze respecteren elkaar en dat is het belangrijkst.”

Mercedes-teambaas Toto Wolff verwacht wel een gevecht tussen zijn coureurs, maar voelt dat de situatie anders is dan voorheen. “Hun relatie is goed, Lewis was de eerste die Valtteri feliciteerde met zijn eerste overwinning. Dat toont aan hoeveel respect er tussen hen is”, meent de Oostenrijker. “Maar het zijn wel concurrenten. Ze willen allebei winnen en voor het kampioenschap knokken, maar ik denk niet dat het hun relatie en de dynamiek van het team verstoort zoals vorig jaar.”

Beide Mercedes-coureurs moeten Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel nog wel voor zich dulden in het kampioenschap. Hamilton (73 punten) heeft 13 punten minder dan de Duitser, Bottas staat derde met 63 punten uit vier races.


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Russian GP: Mercedes will impose team orders for Hamilton and Bottas



Mercedes have changed their stance on team orders in response to the threat from Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda told BBC Sport if one driver was holding the other up in a race, he had to let the quicker one past.

« It is logical: ‘If I cannot go as quick as my team-mate I have to give him room to fight Vettel,' » Lauda said.

« The biggest problem for [Valtteri] Bottas and Lewis [Hamilton] is Vettel now. He is the one to beat. »

Lauda said this was a response to the change in Mercedes’ situation compared to the last three years.

  • « In the past we had no team orders because we were dominating with both cars and there was no enemy, no-one could get in between, » Lauda said.

« This year, the first three races, is completely different.

« Ferrari is competitive. Vettel is right there, makes no mistakes and gives us a real interesting fight. So our new policy has to be that if one driver of ours cannot go quicker than the other one then he has to think as a team and use his problems not to block the other one. But it is not a team order. »

Hamilton is seven points behind Vettel in the championship after one win for the Englishman and two for the German so far this year. Bottas is 23 points behind Hamilton.

Niki Lauda
‘Maybe I can write team orders on here?!’ Lauda seems perplexed by a Russian matryoshka doll

But Lauda added that the new policy would apply no matter which Mercedes driver was in front.

« So far Lewis was quicker, particularly in the last race, but these things can change, it works in both directions, we have to wait and see. »

Mercedes’ new stance is a reflection of their actions in the Bahrain Grand Prixtwo weeks ago, when Hamilton’s hopes of victory were hampered by being stuck behind Bottas while the Finn was struggling for pace.

This allowed Vettel to pull out a six-second lead after the first pit stops – exactly the margin the Ferrari driver eventually won by.

Team boss Toto Wolff said: « Team orders the word is pretty broad. We don’t like team orders like 15 or 20 years ago, where you make one driver win for the benefit of the championship at an early stage.

« But if we have a difference in pace and we know the root cause we might interfere like we did last time. »

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas
Vettel is top of the drivers’ championship ahead of Hamilton and Bottas

He added: « If you ask Ferrari, they wouldn’t say they had a number one and number two driver and this is what I am saying as well. After the third race you can’t have a number one and two. the dynamics worked the last three years, two drivers on a very high level pushing each other and this is what we are doing as well now. »

Referring to Bahrain, Wolff said: « Yes, in hindsight having seen how Valtteri’s tyres were not in the right window, we could have maybe reacted two or three laps earlier but we are all world champions analysing the results afterwards.

« Yes, we could have been a bit quicker, but we will learn for the future.

« Nevertheless, it is a pretty tricky situation to ask a driver to let the other one overtake because he has an issue on the car. This does not feel right. »

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